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Royal Darts stands for tradition. All darts and accessories are “Made In England”. Royal Darts believes that darts should be made where the game originated and where it is still most popular. Tradition and quality are still valued here.

Steeldarts are metal darts that are thrown at conventional dartboards. The dart scoreboards are usually made of cork, wood or high-quality sisal. The great advantage of the steeldarts: they drill into the dartboard and stick. Depending on your level of sporting experience, we offer you inexpensive steeldarts as well as professional steeldarts.

Limited EDITION "DaNdelion"

Together with the darts pro Baran “The Lion” Özdemir we have developed the Royal Darts DANDELION. The centre of gravity of the dart is slightly further forward, so that this steel dart has very smooth flight characteristics and a secure grip on the board. The Nano Grip gives you a very good control over the dart. In combination with the Royal Darts wooden shafts a very good looking dart.

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"VICTORY"Green Line Edition

The name says it all. This dart will support you on your way to victory. What stands out here is the completely newly arranged grip, which gives you a secure grip at all times thanks to its micro-grooving in the front barrel area. You always have the dart under control when you throw it. In addition, the Victory comes with a balanced weight distribution, which makes it easier for you as a player to control it. All in all, this is a convincing dart, not only in terms of design.


A beautiful dart with a two-colour coating and three different grip zones. The Glory convinces not only with its elegant design, but especially with its very smooth flight characteristics. The grip is discreet, which allows a very good control at any time. A nice stone dart for you if you are looking for a dart with pleasant grip characteristics and a smooth flight.

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