Royal Darts Softdarts-Collection

Royal Darts stands for tradition. All darts and accessories are “Made In England”. Royal Darts believes that darts should be made where the game originated and where it is still most popular. Tradition and quality are still important here.

Which dart you choose depends on your dartboard. Soft darts are thrown on electronic dartboards. In addition, playing darts with children is safer because the plastic tip cannot cause any possible injuries, as can perhaps happen with metal dart tips if you are careless.

"Victory" Green Line Edition

Victory is the name of the confident soft dart from ROYAL DARTS.
A special feature of this dart is the new Royal Darts Quadro-Grip, which gives you a secure and intensive grip at all times thanks to its micro-grooves in the front barrel area. You always have the dart under control when you throw it. In addition, the Victory comes with a balanced weight distribution, which makes it easier for you as a player to control it. The Victory from ROYAL DARTS is not only well-designed, but also very easy to play.

Made in Britain, of course!

"T-Bird" Green Line Edition

The Royal Darts T-Bird soft darts range is characterised by its torpedo shape, the stable flight and the micro grip. The centre of gravity of these darts is in the front area. On the one hand, this makes the dart comfortable to hold and, on the other, ensures a very smooth flight. The dart player is supported by the micro grip, which provides great control through small extra engravings in the front barrel area.

Made in Britain, of course!

"Queen" Classic Edition

The Royal Darts Queen Softdarts Range features a nice aggressive grip and a slight hollow in the back area. The centre of gravity of these darts is in the middle area. This results in a pleasant, slightly nervous flight behaviour, which can be controlled at any time without problems. “The Queen” is a great dart for all dart players who like a lot of grip.

Made in Britain, of course!