Royal Darts produced with Passion and Dedication

Royal Darts are manufactured in the UK, the home of darts.
This enables us to combine new innovation with established Industry experience.

Highlights & Innovations

Wooden darts rack
Glory Steel Darts - Green Line
Royal Darts - dartboard stand

Royal Darts stands for tradition.

All darts are “Made In England”, near Windsor Castle.
Royal Darts believes that darts should be made where the game originated and where it is still most popular. Great value is placed on tradition and quality here, regardless of whether it’s soft darts or stone darts. You notice this in the processing and therefore in every throw.

The Royal Darts Quality Promise

By the way, Royal Darts has been around since 2014 and from the beginning quality control has been one of the most important building blocks in production.
This is something that sets Royal Darts apart from other darts producers. Machines alone cannot replace human experience.

It's all about the details

Despite the high-tech machines, the people in production must not be forgotten. A final quality control is a matter of course at Royal Darts. To the best of our knowledge and conscience, we manually check the finished products. Only in this way can they be passed on to the dart shops, and thus also to the dart players, with a clear conscience.

Darts production is also manual work​

Royal Darts Qualität

Of course, precision plays a big role in the production of the barrels. Only in this way is it possible to produce perfectly balanced darts. To achieve this precision, man and machine have to work together in perfection. This happens in the production of Royal Darts darts through years of experience of the employees.

High tech in production

Royal Darts High Tech

Whether in the production of dart flights, dart shafts or dart barrels. Nothing works without high tech in the world of darts. The darts from Royal Darts are produced with a traditional idea, but still on high-tech equipment. This is the only way to achieve a quality of workmanship that meets our standards.

Our royal family

In recent years, we have continued to develop our product ranges. Every year, a new idea is born and our product family is expanded.
We will keep you informed about current product developments on this website or on our Instagram channel.